What to Expect

What to Expect at Animal Emergency Centre

When your pet faces a serious health crisis, you can't wait until your regular veterinary clinic is able to see him -- especially if the crisis occurs after the clinic's standard hours or on a holiday. You need instant access to a dedicated emergency veterinary hospital -- and here at Animal emergency Centre, that's just the vital role we perform for Studio City and Los Angeles pets. Let's look at some of the procedures and protocols you can expect from our emergency veterinarians and staff.

What Studio City and Los Angeles Pet Owners Can Expect from Our Emergency Veterinary Hospital

While our emergency veterinary hospital welcomes pets at all hours, with no need for an appointment, we still encourage pet owners to call us the instant they believe they have an emergency on their hands. We may be able to provide critical advice and guidance over the phone, from how to wrap a heat-stricken animals in cool damp towels to how to remove an obstacle from a choking animal's airway. It's also helpful for us to know that you're coming simply so we can make any special or additional preparations that might be necessary for the crisis at hand.


Once you check in at Emergency Animal Centre, may have to move your pet to an emergency room right away while you remain in the reception area. This helps to ensure that the emergency veterinarians have sufficient room to work effectively. During this phase we are still performing a protocol, known as triage in which we determine which of our emergency patients are most urgently in need of immediate care. We will take your pet's medical history and ask you about his symptoms. If the cause of your pet's emergency is obvious, our staff will address it first and foremost; if it requires further diagnosis, we will conduct a physical exam using state-of-the=art diagnostic tools and resources such as:

  • Digital radiography - a means of obtaining high-resolution x-ray images instantly and with minimal radiation

  • Ultrasound - A real-time technique for viewing inside soft tissues

  • Endoscopy - A method for viewing your pet's insides with the aid of a tiny camera mounted inside a thin tube

  • Lab testing - Our laboratory can test for a wide range of toxins and conditions

We will share our findings with you and recommend specific treatment options, from first aid to emergency internal surgery. We know how stressful these situations can be for pet owners, so we're careful to explain the details simply, carefully and sympathetically so you can make informed decisions. Even if your pet is out of immediate danger, we may recommend that he remain in our emergency veterinary hospital overnight for monitoring.

Expect Quality from Our Veterinarians

You can always expect a high standard of timely, compassionate care for your Los Angeles or Studio City pets. Keep our phone number (818) 760-3882 on hand in case trouble strikes -- and contact us anytime for more information!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Sammers is an 11 year old, Black, Domestic Short Hair Cat. His owner noticed that Sammers was pacing, walking around in circles at home and crying out in pain.

    "I would like to thank all of the staff who helped with Sammer's UTI. He was miserable, and you guys made him better. I cannot thank you enough for helping him. It is great to have a place to go when all the other vet clinics are closed.""
    Roxanne & "Sammers"- June 2012
  • "Kahlua is a very special service dog. He was brought in by his owner when she noticed that Kahlua was acting very painful and didn't want to jump. After a thorough exam Kahlua went home with some pain meds. Kahlua's mom stopped by our Facebook page to send us a note on his progress.

    "Just wanted to thank Dr. Cavanaugh, straight from the heart for seeing our Kahlua and putting our worries to rest. It was hilarious trying to get him to take his Tramadol.... cheese would not work but the Chunky Skippy did the trick. WE THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! So thank you, straight from the heart.""
    Michelle & "Kahula" - July 2012