Pet Vomiting

Pet Vomiting: When to See Our Studio City Emergency Vet

Pet vomiting is often scary for pet owners and the question always is, do I need the services of an emergency veterinarian? Fortunately, most cases of pet vomiting are a simple stomach upset. On the other hand, vomiting can be an indication of a serious problem. Our emergency vet at the Animal Emergency Centre in Studio City is always here to treat pet vomiting when the need arises.

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Pet Vomiting Vs. Regurgitation From Your Studio City Veterinarian

It’s important to know the differences between two forms of stomach upset resulting in expelled food or water. Regurgitation originates in the pet’s esophagus and comes on suddenly and silently. The risk with regurgitation is that some of the material, consisting of saliva, water and food that has not been digested, can be sucked back into the larynx causing aspiration pneumonia. This condition requires immediate treatment by our emergency vet. On the other hand, with pet vomiting, expelled food or liquid originates in the stomach, can be semisolid, and is preceded by coughing or retching.  

Signs Your Pet Is Going to Vomit

Before your pet vomits, you may notice some signs that the event is about to occur. These signs include drooling, constant swallowing and standing still with head lowered. You may notice that your pet is eating grass, a common action that often actually promotes vomiting in an effort to self-medicate and relieve the distress.

How You Can Comfort Your Pet

When your pet has any digestive distress that causes vomiting, he or she will need comforting. Here are some things you can do to make your pet feel better:

  • Withhold food for at least 12 hours, followed by introduction of a bland diet of either boiled hamburger or chicken mixed with rice. Begin with very small amounts to see if your pet can hold it down without becoming sick.

  • Give water in small amounts: try giving your pet an ice cube to lick every half hour

  • If your pet tolerates the water, you can give him or her full access to the water bowl after 12 hours.

Signs of Emergency

When a pet is vomiting severely, you need to bring him or her to our emergency veterinarian as soon as possible. Check your pet’s skin and gums for pale color and note his or her behavior. Strange behavior along with gum and skin color can be signs that your pet is either going into or in shock. Other indications of emergency include:

  • Blood in the vomit

  • Retching without vomiting

  • Bloating and swelling in the abdomen

  • Fever

  • Depression

  • Diarrhea

Pet Vomiting Causes

Beyond a simple stomach upset, there are many things that can cause pet vomiting. These include:

  • Poisoning

  • Internal illnesses: pancreatitis, hepatitis, diabetes, kidney disease

  • Contagious diseases: possible for pets who have not been vaccinated

  • Intestinal blockages

Call Our Studio City Emergency Vet Today!

If your pet is in experiencing any degree of vomiting, we urge you to come to our Animal Emergency Centre here in Studio City for immediate treatment by our emergency vet. Questions? Give us a call today to learn more!


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